Super-fast messaging for Couples.

Enter your significant other's number once and you'll be sending your messages in as little as two taps, it's that simple.

Stay Connected

In a meeting? No problem, two taps and you're done. It's that easy.

Fast Selfies

Send'em in a flash -- a few taps and you're all set, it's never been easier.

Customize Your Way

Create favorite messages to communicate the way only you two can...

The Idea

I built this app because it's something I wanted for myself, but I'm hoping you'll find it useful too. We spend too much time doing the same things over and over again -- why not make things more efficient? The app has no registration--your information and privacy are already over-taxed. Just something useful to try out. I'm going to keep building experiments like this, so look for more in the near future. Let me know what you think! Questions or comments? Get in touch on Twitter!

Bob Williams

Builder & Creator